Service of the 54th The Battle for Fort Wagner

Item contributed by Massachusetts Historical Society

On September 7, 1863, United States forces, including the 54th Massachusetts Regiment, returned to Morris Island after the successful capture of Fort Wagner and Fort Gregg. At this same site several months earlier, the 54th Massachusetts Regiment fought in the Second Battle of Fort Wagner. This battle catapulted this regiment to fame, proving the vital contributions of Black soldiers to the United States Army.  The soldiers spent some time here before the regiment continued south towards Jacksonville, Florida. 

This photograph is included in Captain Luis Emilio’s collection of photographs related to the regiment, now at the Massachusetts Historical Society. 

About item:

Photograph by Haas & Peale, 1863, 9.1 cm x 15.6 cm.
From the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Regiment photographs.
Photo. 72.80.

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