Service of the 54th The 54th in South Carolina

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This photograph depicts Sam A. Cooley and his outfit in Port Royal, South Carolina. Cooley served as photographer for the Department of the South for the United States Army, headquartered in Hilton Head, Port Royal. Cooley and his outfit took photographs of buildings, camps, and forts during the Civil War in South Carolina, such as Port Royal and Beaufort, as well as those in Florida.  

This photographer likely crossed paths with the 54th Massachusetts during the regiment’s service in South Carolina and Florida. Photographs in Captain Luis Emilio’s collection, now at the Massachusetts Historical Society, may have been taken by Sam A. Cooley and his outfit.  

About item:

Photograph, circa 1863-1864, 7.5 cm x 7.6 cm.
From the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Regiment photographs.
Photo. 72.104.

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