Service of the 54th The 54th in South Carolina

Item contributed by Massachusetts Historical Society

As part of a US campaign into Florida, the 54th Massachusetts Regiment arrived in Jacksonville, Florida on February 6, 1864. Captain Luis Emilio described the city as “looking much like a devastated Northern city, with its ruined gas-works, burned saw-mills, and warehouses.”1

This photograph is included in Captain Luis Emilio’s collection of photographs related to the regiment, now at the Massachusetts Historical Society. 

1. Luis F. Emilio, A Brave Black Regiment: History of The Fifty-Fourth Regiment of Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry 1863-1865 (Boston: The Boston Book Company, 1864), 151. 

About item:

Photograph, circa 1863-1864, 5.5 cm x 8.9 cm.
From the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Regiment photographs.
Photo. 72.102.

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